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HSE Policy


  • ALMOSFA Co. is committed to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our work as well as the environment where we live and operate.

  • ALMOSFA Co. complies with government regulations, follows accepted industry practices and maintains our own corporate policies at levels which are commensurate with high standards by which we conduct our business.

  • ALMOSFA Co. believes that continuously improving these standards is compatible with improving our business performance.

  • ALMOSFA Co. individually and collectively, are committed to pursuing this objective and accepting responsibility for doing so.

  • ALMOSFA Co. will establish appropriate health, safety and environmental performance goals and regularly review our progress toward them.

  • ALMOSFA Co. will communicate on health, safety and environmental matters in an open and timely manner with all affected parties and will take health, safety and environmental matters in consideration when making business decisions.

  • ALMOSFA Co. will maintain a healthy and safe place to work and a desirable member of the communities where we operate.

It is the policy of to always teach, learn and use the most innovative means of Health, Safety and Environmental Techniques in all aspects of our Industry, whether it is at the work site or at home.

There can be no Substitute for Safety and Common Sense